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Disaster Management Plan


For meeting the emergencies caused by major accidents, planning response strategies are termed as Disaster Management Plans (DMPs). DMPs cannot be considered in isolation or act as a substitute for maintaining good safety standards in a plant. The best way to protect against major accidents occurrence is by maintaining very high levels of safety standards. Generally, the following five phases are involved in an emergency:

  • Discovery and Notification: An event with an imminent threat of turning into an accident must first be discovered and the discoverer quickly
  • Notifies the same to the plant safety officer.
  • Evaluation and Accident Control Initiation: Based on the evaluation of available information, the safety officer makes a rapid assessment of the severity of the likely accident and initiates the best course of action.
  • Containment and Counter Measures: Action is first taken to contain and control the accident by eliminating the causes which may lead to the spread of accident. Measures are also taken to minimize the damage to personnel, property and environment.
  • Cleanup and Disposal: After the accident is effectively contained and controlled, the cleanup of the site of the accident and safe disposal of waste generated due to the accident are undertaken.
  • Documentation: All aspects of accidents, including the way it started and progressed as well as the steps taken to contain and the extent of the damage and injury, must be documented for subsequent analysis of accident for prevention in future, damage estimation, insurance recovery and compensation payment. It may be noted that some aspects of documentation, such as, photographs of the site of accident and main objects involved in the accident, survey for damage estimation, etc. may have to be carried out before the cleanup and disposal phase. However, the effort in all cases is to recommence the operation as soon as possible.

  1. On-Site Emergency plan.
  2. Off-Site Emergency plan.