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Risk Analysis / Risk Management :-

We offer over services for Risk analysis that involves the steps of identifying hazards associated with operations and selecting worst case scenario for consequences estimation, we suggest risk reduction measures for effective implementations, which is based upon effective frequency of occurrence.

Companies in the Oil & Gas industry must deal with their own unique set of risks, whether natural, man- made or operational, as part of their daily operations. The approach that works well at on offshore installation may not be the best option for a refinery. An effective risk management system needs to offer solutions tailored not only to the industry, but also to the specific company and the sectors in which it operates.

SESC provides services that help our oil & Gas industry client manage their risk in a prioritized manner, their communicate risk judgments effectively. We can help design an overall risk management system or conduct a specific analysis. Our technical solutions encompass the full range of the risk spectrum.

Scope of Risk analysis services includes:-

  • Hazard Identification and Evaluation ( HAZID , HAZOP )
  • Process design checklist.
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis ( Man – Made and Natural Hazards )
  • Security Threat Management
  • Pipeline Hazard and Risk Analysis.
  • Fire, Blast and Dispersion Modeling.
  • Facility Siting Evaluation.
  • Blast Resistant Design and Construction Management.
  • Failure mode and effects analysis.
  • Fault tree analysis.
  • Event tree analysis.

Based on the client requirement all the above studies can be conducted as per the satisfaction of the customers.