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Diesel Engine Generator O and M

Diesel Engine Generator O and M

Minor Service (Quarterly or semi-annual) Lubrication

1.  Check engine crankcase oillevel.

2.  Check for leaks.

3.  Check hydraulic/mechanical governoroil level.

Cooling System

1.Check engine coolant level &temperature

2.  Check for leaks & duct work and fanshroud

3.  Inspect coolant connections and hoses (tighten ifloose)

4.  Check fan/alternator belt tension andwear

5.  Check for radiator airrestriction

6.  Inspect coolantpump

7.  Inspect temperatureregulator

8.  Check water jacket heater(s) for correct operation

9.  Check motor operatedlouvers


Fuel System

1.  Check sedimentbowls

2.  Inspect all fuel system componentsfor evidence of water, sludge andrust

3.  Check fuel level in daytank

4.  Inspect fuel level floatsswitches

5.  Inspect containmentalarm

6.  Inspect transferpump.

Air Induction and Exhaust

1. Check air cleaner service indicator & Check dust collectorcap

2.  Inspect manifold and air piping forleaks

3.  Check all intake system hoses andconnections

4.  Open condensationdrains


Electrical System

1.  Check batteryelectrolyte

2.  Check battery chargingsystem

3.  Inspect alternator drivebelt

4.  Check shutoffcontrols

5.  Inspectstarter

6.  Check cold weather startingaids

7 Check condition of batteries and add water as needed

8.  Engine safety controls – check gaugesand switches

9.  Control Panel – vacuum andclean

Switchgear and Emergency Source Feeders

1.  Check all control switches inAuto

2.  Check automatic transferswitch


3.  Check for operationalinstrumentation


Major Service (includes steps listed under minor service plus:)

1.  Change crankcaseoil

2.  Change oilfilter(s)

3.  Change fuelfilter(s)

4.  Lubricate generator bearing –Front

5.  Lubricate generator bearing –Rear

6.  Change waterfilter(s)

7.  Replace air filter(s) (if part ofcontract)

8.  Sample oil and submit foranalysis

9.  Clean radiator core(external)

10.  Check cooling system inhibitor(DCA)

11.  Lubricate moving components when necessary

12.  Perform electrical waveformanalysis w/Oscilloscope

13.  Exercise all circuitprotectors

14.  Inspect generator/alternatorwindings

15.  Perform resistance evaluation onsame

16.  Measure hysteresis & responsetimes

17.  Measure voltage stability &walk-in

18.  Record voltagedistortions

Additional Maintenance Recommendations

1. Change coolant and replace batteries every two years.

2.  Replace belts and hoses every fiveyears

3.  Load bank testing when a unit cannot beloaded to at least 50% of rated capacity for at least two hours annually. Loading the unit will burn off harmful deposits in the combustion chamber, injector nozzles and exhaustsystem