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ACB Maintenance and Testing

ACB Maintenance and Testing

  • Cleaning of breaker with CRC-226
  • Removal of old grease and re-greasing the same with recommended grease.
  • Check condition of arcing contact and gap between fixed and moving arcing contacts shall be checked.
  • Checking the reset mechanism, tripping of breaker through push button
  • Checking tripping of ACB through protection release
  • Tripping of ACB manually through volt metric release.
  • Checking and adjust freeness of DN and volt metric release trip rod
  • Checking presence and proper tightening of hardware.
  • Checking presence of all circlips
  • Checking condition and alignment of jaw contact with cradle terminals
  • Checking condition of ACB wiring and replace if required
  • Checking and adjusting gap between hylam sheet and side plate
  • Checking proper closing of all poles together
  • Checking working of anti pumping device in case of EDO ACB
  • Checking alignment of SIC and it’s operation
  • Checking scrapping earth alignment
  • Checking condition of arc chutes
  • Checking U/V release pick up and drop off
  • Checking ACB tripping through shunt release
  • Checking motor operation in case of EDO ACB
  • Checking closing coil operation in case of EDO ACB
  • Checking continuity and proper changeover of aux contact block
  • Checking of release by secondary injection for O/L, S/C, E/F
  • Setting of release as per the load
  • Checking the healthiness of CTs
  • The spare parts, accessories would have to be provided by the customer.