Shyamjee Electrical & Safety Consultants

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Inspection and Testing

  • Third Party Inspection.
  • Transformer Oil Test.
  • Insulation Resistance Tests.
  • Earth Resistance Tests.

Safety Studies

Safety Audits, Safety Inspections HAZOP Study, Risk Analysis, Dispersion models for toxic and flammable gases release, Fire Safety Audits, Fire system Design.

Project Services

Environmental Impact Assessment, Pre-Commissioning HAZOP Study, Pre-Commissioning Safety Audits, design of Fire Protection system & obtaining approval.

Certification under Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) [SMPV(U)] Rules, preparation of Operating Manuals HAZOP Study for pilot plants.


  • Electrical Safety Audit, Maximum Power Demand Analysis, Lightning protection system, Hazardous Area Classification, Trouble shooting in electrical system, Inspection of Explosion proof fittings, Fault finding exercise.
  • Physical inspection of the plant with reference to applicable Indian standards, Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant codes of Practice & identifying electrical hazards (shocks, fires, etc.).
  • Reviewing the role of electrical safety in the total safety system.
  • Review of electrical accidents to identify root cause of the accidents.
  • Review of protection devices / system of the electrical installation.
  • Review of adequacy of cables, motors, etc. based on actual load current measurements and cable current carrying capacities.
  • Examination of adequacy of plant lightning protection system as per national and international standards to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards
  • Review of the hazardous area classification carried out in the plant as per IS: 5572 and to review the selection, installation of special electrical equipment as per IS: 5571 to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  • Review the EPM (Electrical Preventive Maintenance) programme in the plant and to examine the documentation, checklists, work permit, test records, etc. and to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  • To evaluate the earthing system (installation and maintenance) in the plant based on IS 3043 and to suggest recommendations.
  • Design & Erection, commissioning and testing of HT/LT Panels, DG Sets, Generators, LT/HT Transformers. 220/66/33/11 KV Switch Yards/Sub-Stations, Retrofitting of protection scheme and protection relays.
  • We also provide services for Electrical AMC of Plants, HT/LT Cable laying work, servicing of HT/LT Motors, Generators, Transformers, Capacitors and HT/LT Panels etc.
  • To evaluate the potential electrical fire hazards in the plant electrical installation and to suggest fire protection measures as per applicable standards and Indian Electricity Rules. To identify the ESD (Electro-Static Hazards in the plant and to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  • Electrical Heat Tracing
  • Energy Audit
  • Supply of HT / LT Cables and all electrical items.