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  • Electrical Safety Audit, Maximum Power Demand Analysis, Lightning protection system, Hazardous Area Classification, Trouble shooting in electrical system, Inspection of Explosion proof fittings, Fault finding exercise.
  • Physical inspection of the plant with reference to applicable Indian standards, Indian Electricity Rules and other relevant codes of Practice & identifying electrical hazards (shocks, fires, etc.).
  • Reviewing the role of electrical safety in the total safety system.
  • Review of electrical accidents to identify root cause of the accidents.
  • Review of protection devices / system of the electrical installation.
  • Review of adequacy of cables, motors, etc. based on actual load current measurements and cable current carrying capacities.
  • Examination of adequacy of plant lightning protection system as per national and international standards to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards
  • Review of the hazardous area classification carried out in the plant as per IS: 5572 and to review the selection, installation of special electrical equipment as per IS: 5571 to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  • Review the EPM (Electrical Preventive Maintenance) programme in the plant and to examine the documentation, checklists, work permit, test records, etc. and to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  • To evaluate the earthing system (installation and maintenance) in the plant based on IS 3043 and to suggest recommendations.
  • Design & Erection, commissioning and testing of HT/LT Panels, DG Sets, Generators, LT/HT Transformers. 220/66/33/11 KV Switch Yards/Sub-Stations, Retrofitting of protection scheme and protection relays.
  • We also provide services for Electrical AMC of Plants, HT/LT Cable laying work, servicing of HT/LT Motors, Generators, Transformers, Capacitors and HT/LT Panels etc.
  • To evaluate the potential electrical fire hazards in the plant electrical installation and to suggest fire protection measures as per applicable standards and Indian Electricity Rules. To identify the ESD (Electro-Static Hazards in the plant and to suggest recommendations as per applicable standards.
  • Electrical Heat Tracing
  • Energy Audit
  • Supply of HT / LT Cables and all electrical items.

Inspection and Testing

  • Third Party Inspection.
  • Transformer Oil Test.
  • Insulation Resistance Tests.
  • Earth Resistance Tests.
  • Relay Testing & Calibration.

Safety Studies

Safety Audits, Safety Inspections HAZOP Study, Risk Analysis, Dispersion models for toxic and flammable gases release, Fire Safety Audits, Fire system Design.

Project Services

Environmental Impact Assessment, Pre-Commissioning HAZOP Study, Pre-Commissioning Safety Audits, design of Fire Protection system & obtaining approval.

Certification under Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (Unfired) [SMPV(U)] Rules, preparation of Operating Manuals HAZOP Study for pilot plants.